Q- How do I request an estimate?

Fill out the estimate request form, send us an email to [email protected] call us at 520-236-3034 or text us with your request. You can also provide pictures to help with the estimate process.

Q- What areas do you service?

We mainly service Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, and Hereford areas.

Q-Do I need to be home for my estimate?

No. As long as we can access your backyard and your pets are secured.

Q- Can I get a quote over the phone?

No. We need to see your property in order to give a fair and accurate estimate.

Q- What’s included in you Yard Clean Up service?

Q- How do I pay for my services?

Q- When is my payment due?

Q- How do I pay for work other than lawn care, such as landscaping work, gravel and artificial turf installation?

All major work (landscaping, gravel, artificial turf, etc)

Q- If it’s raining on my schedule date, when should I expect service?

Q- Can we request service on a specific day of the week or a specific time of day?

We will try to accommodate your day request, but cannot guarantee it. We service specific locations on certain day of the week. We do not take time of the day request.

Q- Do I need to be home for service?

No. As long access to the yard is available.

Q- Can you still service my backyard if my dog is in the backyard and he does not bite or he chained up?

We cannot service the backyard if your pets are not secured in the house due to safety of all personnel and your pet.

Q- Will the same crew service my property on all service visits?

Yes, The same crew will service all residential properties all the time. The owner is at all residential service visits and will do the final walk through on each service.

Q- I currently own a property in Sierra Vista, but do not live there. How do I know that you’re servicing my property?

We send a monthly photo of your property to your email at no additional cost to give you peace of mind. Out of state services are paid in advanced.

Q- Can I call and skip a service visit?

If you skip a service visit, we cannot guarantee your current service day or price. Our crews work on a schedule in order to provide you reliability and if someone calls requesting scheduled services, then we will place them in your slot.

Important Information:

Kids toys, trampolines, dog waste removal are the responsibility of the home owner